Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Protesters Gather in Support of Legalizing Marijuana

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) - Several protesters gathered outside the
Guilford County Courthouse on Tuesday evening in support of a bill to
legalize medical marijuana.

The purpose of the protest was to educate people on House Bill 1380
), a bill which would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients.

Harold Watts said he uses marijuana for a medical condition and wants to
educate the public on how the drug helps those who are suffering with
chronic illnesses or pains.

"I use it for a medical condition. I have post-traumatic stress
disorder, and add an eating disorder, and it's hard keeping food down,"
said Watts.

Watts was recently caught growing marijuana at his home. Deputies came
to his home and took his plants and lights. Watts came to the Guilford
County Jail on Wednesday to turn himself in but the magistrate's office
told him a warrant has not been issued.

"I want to see my day in court. I think the judge of Guilford County
would be interested in seeing what's going on," said Watts. "I don't
think it's right or moral for people to get arrested when trying to
medicate extreme pain or suffering."

House Bill 1380, introduced by State Representative Earl Jones, would
allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients. While the bill is
controversial, Jones believes people are becoming more educated on the
subject and hopes the bill will eventually pass.

"I'm optimistic. The polls have jumped 30 percent when I first filed it
over a year ago to 63 percent statewide," said Jones.

The bill is currently in the Health Committee of the House. State Rep.
Jones says he does not think the bill will pass in short session but
thinks it could pass next year.

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