Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Laguna Woods for Medical Cannabis presents, Village Cannabis, a new club
for residents which will have its first meeting on April 10, at 11:30
a.m. Clubhouse 3, Dining Room 1. This club was formed by residents to
help educate our community about the cannabis plant, its use as
medicine, food, fiber, and oil seed. Many of our residents have turned
to this age old natural medicine with their doctors' advice to help
treat various ailments including cancer, MS, GI disorders, epilepsy,
migraine, chronic pain, depression and a host of other maladies. Even
though cannabis has been legal for 14 years in California for medicinal
use with a doctor's recommendation, patients who use it still face
discrimination by those who refuse to accept that medical science has
shown cannabis is one of the safest, effective medicines available.
Village Cannabis will work to end discrimination and prejudice through
education and outreach. Unlike Laguna Woods for Medical Cannabis, which
is a patient only collective that helps its members obtain cannabis at
low cost, Village Cannabis is open to any resident who is interested in
learning about this amazing plant and its many uses.

The entire executive board will be formed at this meeting and those who
wish to run for office will throw their hats in the ring. Elections will

A free lunch will be provided by Laguna Woods for Medical Cannabis who
will be on hand to answer questions and sign up members for its

Lonnie Painter

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great article. keep the weed education alive!