Monday, April 12, 2010

Medicinal marijuana a vote away in Illinois

CHICAGO (WBBM) -- Medicinal marijuana is one vote away from possibly
becoming law in Illinois.

The measure's chief sponsor, State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), said
Saturday that he is working behind the scenes to line up the needed
votes, and is waiting for the right moment to call it for a vote in the
Illinois House.

If approved and signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn, Illinois would become
the 15th state to allow medicinal use of marijuana, which has been
criminalized in Illinois since the 1930s.

Lang claimed that privately, more than 90 members of the House support
the bill. But he said nearly 40 refuse to vote for it because of fears
about political fallout.

The bill would allow those who obtain a doctor's prescription and state
licensing to own three marijuana plants.

"It requires them to get a license from the Illinois Dept. of Public
health, which would monitor and license each person, and it provides
strict penalties for those who break the law, or use the marijuana and
drive, or try to sell it or distribute it," Lang said.

Lang said studies have shown repeatedly that marijuana is not addictive
and that someone cannot overdose using it. He said that, as a result, it
makes a lot more sense in the treatment of chronic pain than Oxycontin
or Vicodin, both of which are addictive and can kill.

The bill has the support of Illinois Public Health Advocate Dr. Quentin
Young, who is also Quinn's personal physician.

"The medical profession has no controversy on this, to speak of," Dr.
Young said.

During a news conference at the James R. Thompson Center, a woman who
has had multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years, Julie Falco, said
marijuana use has not only relieved pain, it has "saved my life."

"I was released from debilitating depression and chronic pharmaceutical
side effects that almost led me to take my own life," she said.

The bill won approval in the Illinois Senate 30-28 more than 10 months
ago, and won approval 4-3 in the Illinois House Human Services Committee
and 3-2 in the Rules Committee. Lang said he has been promised a vote by
Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) if he can muster the
needed votes.


Anonymous said...

Medicinal pot would be a god sent to me. I have costent pain need marijuana to sleep takes the pain from my leg and hip so i can sleep and go to work.i dont use it before or at work only after for the pain im in from my work day.Please think what wood i do if i could not sleep more then tew hours a night from pain. How could you work and focous?My pain is real and i dont like taking pills that or bad for my liver when pot is harmless safe Please do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

i live in ILL work and have a famly i love. I cant sleep at night becouse of pain,in my hip and leg from bike accident in 01.Imust work to support my famly could you work on two hours sleep every night,and lucky if i get that.pot takes the pain away in a safe way.ITS time to pass the bill PLEASE do the right thing.Vicodon is so bad for you i will not take it but othere then pot its the only thing that works.Pot is safe and so much better for you then pills!!!!! PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING GUYS.