Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sebastopol Sets Regulations for Selling Medical Marijuana

The rules for selling pot in Sebastopol

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sebastopol's requirements for medical cannabis dispensaries:

• Only allowed in commercial and industrial areas.

• Not within 500 feet of youth-oriented facilities, including
schools and parks.

• Must be in a visible location with good views of the entrance from
the street.

• Applicants cannot have a felony conviction or be on probation for
a drug offense.

• No one under 18 can enter the clinic unless they are a qualified
patient or primary caregiver. (Peace in Medicine requires patients to be

• Building must be locked at all times, with buzz-in system

• No one can visit the dispensary without first obtaining a valid
physician's recommendation for medical cannabis.

• Staff must get verbal or written verification from the
recommending physician's office.

• No cannabis can be consumed on the premises or within 200 feet of
the entry.

• No more than 30 immature marijuana plants can be stocked for sale.

• Cannabis cannot be sold for profit.

• Locally grown and organic cannabis is encouraged.

• Air must be filtered to prevent off-site odors.

• The chief of police must approve a security plan that includes
cameras and robbery alarms.

• Nuisance activities in the neighborhood, including loitering and
open consumption of cannabis, must be controlled.

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