Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Canadian Medical Marijuana Activist to Serve Prison Time in United States

Canada's `Prince of Pot' prepares for U.S. prison term

21 September 2009 05:36
kristen thompson / metro vancouver

Marc Emery says he's spending his last few days of freedom tying up
loose ends with his business before being sent south of the border to
begin serving a drugs-related sentence.

"You typically miss fresh air and good food, two things that are not
available inside federal prisons," said Emery.

This will be his second time behind bars after spending three months in
a Saskatoon jail in 2004.

On Sept. 28, Vancouver's Prince of Pot will be shipped to the United
States and imprisoned for anywhere from a year to 15 years for selling
marijuana seeds online.

He said around 120 parties and rallies were held in major cities around
the world, including New York City, Washington, D.C., and Dublin
Saturday to protest his impending incarceration.

The event outside the Vancouver Art Gallery drew around 400 people.

"Jodie is alternately crushed and … (moved) by the
tributes," Emery said of his wife, who added that the hardest part
for her will be waking up alone.

"But I'll be working, keeping busy (working at Emery's
Cannabis Culture Headquarters) ," said Jodie.

"That's the key to not going nuts," said Marc.
"Otherwise you just spend the whole time sentimentalizing. "

Emery said he plans to learn French and Spanish in jail, and write his

"I've got a lot of amusing stories to tell," he said.

http://www.metronew s.ca/vancouver/ canada/article/ 316801--- prince-of- pot-\
prepares-for- u-s-prison- term

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