Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient Raid News

Man's Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raided by Springs Police

A 26-year-old Colorado Springs man is arrested accused of illegally
growing pot at his home. He claims he has a legal right, under medical
marijuana laws.

Posted: 2:34 PM Sep 14, 2009
Updated: 8:31 PM Sep 14, 2009
Reporter: KKTV 11 News
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A 26-year-old Colorado Springs man is arrested accused of illegally
growing pot at his home. However, Alton Tremayne Blue claims his grow is
legal, based on medical marijuana laws in Colorado.

Based on a tip, police say they acted on a search warrant at a home on
Acreview Drive in Colorado Springs on Friday. That's just south of
Cottonwood Creek Park on the north side of the city.

According to Blue, cops confiscated a number of items, including 2,710
grams of marijuana trimmings and stems, but none of his plants, which
police say number in the dozens and are in various stages of growth.
Police say since laws surrounding medical marijuana cases are still new
in the state, they tend not to physically confiscate plants, since they
would be responsible for their care if charges weren't filed.

Police also say they found a small amount of cocaine on the property.

The man who lives there, Alton Tremayne Blue, was arrested. His car was
parked near his home. Police say they also recovered a .40 caliber
handgun that had been reported stolen in a local burglary.

According to the police report, Blue faces a number of charges including
distribution and cultivation of marijuana, possession of a schedule II
controlled substance, possession of a weapon by a previous offender and
possession of a defaced firearm.

Blue has bonded out of the Community Justice Center, and police expect
his arraignment will be sometime this week.

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