Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Pot TV? New show focus on marijuana

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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WEST LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's the latest in niche programming -- a TV
show devoted exclusively to marijuana. The show's producer says his
audience is hungry for more.

Brad Lane is a television producer on a mission. While some might say
his new TV show is half-baked, Lane would probably tell you it's almost
completely baked.

"The name of our show is 'Cannabis Planet,'" said Lane. "We're all about
the merits of cannabis plant. Industrially, agriculturally,
medicinally. "

Lane's half-hour show airs twice a week on KJLA. It features
marijuana-related news, marijuana growing tips and even marijuana
cooking advice from a bona fide chef.

"I'm showing them that they can ingest it in every single meal of their
life," said Chef Mike Delao.

"Cannabis Planet" is a relatively low-budget endeavor. Lane says it
costs about $10,000 a week to produce. He wants to eventually air it in
every state that allows medical marijuana.

It's fair to say he has high hopes for the show.

"I get a ton of positive email from basically all around the world and
all walks of life," said Lane.

Lane says after just seven episodes, "Cannabis Planet" is starting to
break even thanks to a handful of advertisers with names like Big Bud
and MediCann.

"Cannabis Planet" was originally going to air on KDOC in Orange County,
but Lane says station management got cold feet. Lane then took "Cannabis
Planet" to KJLA and its potentially five million viewers. Lane claims
his late-night show most likely will be watched in about 30,000 homes.

That's evidence, perhaps, that local TV is indeed going to pot.

"You bet TV is going to pot, and it's a good thing," said Lane.

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