Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pot campaigner lights up at police station

A cannabis protestor who once smoked a joint in Parliament has been
arrested for allegedly lighting up in public again – this time
outside Wellington Central Police Station.

Al Mansell said he did several spots of cannabis oil on the steps of the
station on Tuesday, using a bunsen burner he set up on a small folding

After a member of the public alerted police inside the station, Mansell
was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis and possesion of

Mansell said he rebuked the officers who arrested him, demanding to know
the whereabouts of his "neenish tart and flat white".

Senior Sergeant Brett Callander said Mansell was out of luck.

"We don't serve neenish tarts in the cells if that's what he was

He had clearly intended to be arrested, Mr Callander said.

"If you do something on the steps of the police station it's obviously a
publicity stunt."

After he was granted bail, Mansell posted footage of the stunt and his
arrest, filmed by a friend, on YouTube.

Mr Callander said police "may well" use the one-minute clip as evidence.

Mansell will appear in Wellington District Court on January 27, when he
intends to plead not guilty.

"I'll just drag it through the court and take as long as possible."

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