Thursday, January 28, 2010

LAPD Finds Pot Shop Owner Making Huge Profits

Who says you can't make a profit selling medical marijuana?

Despite the protestations of numerous medical weed store owners, who
regularly gripe that they're just making ends meet, Los Angeles Police
Department found a detailed list of the hefty profits made on different
marijuana strains sold at three pot shops owned by the same man, Richard
Over 50 Los Angeles Police Department narcotics detectives and officers
served search warrants today on Alternative Care Collective, 420
Discount Collective and Encino Discount Collective in the San Fernando
Valley after neighbors complained about people selling pot to teenagers
outside the locations.

During the January 27 afternoon search, officers found and confiscated
50 pounds of marijuana, hashish, edible and drinkable marijuana
products, and $3,000 in cash. Khoury was arrested for possession for
sale and cultivation - cops found 68 plants at his Granada Hills home in
the Valley.

One of the most eye-opening things they found was a list of how Khoury
marked up the prices of his medical pot. Here are just a few examples:

Khoury, a 30-year-old former construction worker, bought a gram of Obama
Kush for $10.71 from a pot vendor, then sold it to his patients for
$37.50. That's a whopping profit of $26.79!

Another strain, OG Skywalker, cost Khoury $10.49, and he sold it for
$37.77 - a more than respectable return of $27.28.

Train Wreck, a cheaper brand, costs $5.50, with the owner peddling it
for $20.09 and making another nice gain of $14.59.

LAPD Devonshire Division Narcotics Detective Robert Holcomb told the LA
Weekly that Khoury made approximately $4,000 to $6,000 a day at each of
his three locations.

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