Monday, January 25, 2010

Cruelty of Banning Medical Marijuana Patients from Transplant Lists

Recently the Los Angeles City Council held hearings on the thorny issue
of medical marijuana dispensary regulation. For years city officials
have abrogated their duty to create sensible regulations for the
dispensaries that have proliferated across the Los Angeles basin. The
number of dispensaries has ballooned to over 500 (not the 1,000+ often
claimed) following an ineffective moratorium on the retail medical
marijuana outlets.

As usual, the hearings were packed, with medical marijuana patients and
activists flooding the chambers to add their testimony to the record.
One citizen petitioning her government for a redress of grievances was
the Executive Director of the new Beverly Hills NORML 90210
(, Cheryl Shuman. In
sixty seconds of testimony, Cheryl recounts her own personal medical
marijuana tragedy, one that has befallen many desperately ill patients
who use cannabis â€" even legally â€" and require life-saving
organ transplants.

Watch video (1:26) -

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