Friday, January 22, 2010

Kansas Senate votes to criminalize synthetic marijuana

TOPEKA | In their first legislative action of the year, Kansas senators
voted Thursday to criminalize synthetic marijuana.

The product — sold as incense under the brand name K2 — contains
a chemical that acts on the brain much like marijuana.

Kansas would be the first state in the nation to outlaw the product.

Possession of K2 or similar products would be a misdemeanor under the
bill. Lawmakers, who passed the measure 36-1, said they wanted to ban
the substance before it became widely abused.

The lone vote against the measure was cast by Democratic Sen. David
Haley of Kansas City, Kan. He noted that alcohol, tobacco, prescription
drugs, glue and paint thinner were much more dangerous than K2 when
abused, yet they were still legal.

Jeannine Koranda of The Wichita Eagle contributed to this report.

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