Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Alameda Co DEA Raid

from: Dale Gieringer
subjuct: DEA agents raided the Garden of Eden coop in Alameda County today.
3:59 PM (19 minutes ago)

DEA agents raided the Garden of Eden coop in Alameda County today. The Garden of Eden was the last of three supposedly licensed clubs remaining in the county. Alameda Sheriff Greg Ahern is suspected of being responsible for the raid.

Last month, the DEA raided We Are Hemp, the longest operating coop in the County. The Garden of Eden closed for a month following that raid. Yesterday, the Sheriff's office called Garden of Eden to inquire whether they were open. They said that they had been closed, but were re-opening today. They did so, and with no warning were raided by the DEA.

No one was arrested in today's raid, but the forces of law and order once again stole money and medicine. The third and largest club in the county, CCAC, was raided last year. Its directors were federally indicted despite having paid over $ 1 million in sales taxes.

President-elect Obama has promised to put an end to the DEA raids, but apparently the country is still not out of the Bushes. Sheriff Ahern needs to be held accountable for his underhanded support of the DEA's lawless raids on Alameda's legal medical cannabis coops. Evidently, he prefers for patients to be buying their medicine from black market dealers.

- Dale Gieringer, Cal NORML

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