Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Shut Down Before it Opens

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Shut Down Before it Opens

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ORCUTT - A medical marijuana co-op in Orcutt is closing up shop before it
ever had a chance to open it's doors. The owner of "Wishing you Wellness" is
unable to meet requests made by Santa Barbara County. So he has decided to
terminate his lease and close shop.

KCOY CBS 12 got an exclusive look inside the shop, and talked to the owner.
He says he checked with South County leaders, and met with the Santa Barbara
County Sheriff's Department.

He believes he was within zoning codes. Paul Prather wrote up a lease under
the agreement that the owner of WYW meet proper County requirements. Before
the shop could open, several people in the community complained.

The County told the owner of WYW he would need to pay $1,700, and go through
a 3 to 6 month approval process. In the meantime he could not do business.

Rather than go through the red tape, the owner of WYW and his landlord
agreed to terminate the lease. There are several similar businesses
operating in South Santa Barbara County. The owner of WYW says patients in
North County were looking forward to having a place they could get medicinal
marijuana closer to home.

"All they're doing is making sick patients drive 140 miles round trip to get
the same medication that they could have gotten right here."



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