Thursday, October 15, 2009

News From Angel Raich's Upcoming Brain Surgery

from: Angel McClary Raich
reply-to: Angel McClary Raich
date: Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 12:45 AM
subject: On October 28: Angel McClary Raich's is having Brain Tumor
Surgery, Visitor Info & hotels in area, Update, and more...

Hello Everyone,

Angel's brain surgery is quickly approaching on October 28, 2009 at
Stanford Hospital. Please Pass It On! Thanks.

Please read to see the surgery date, place, visitor information, what to
expect during surgery, during recovery, how she has been doing, how she
is feeling about her upcoming surgery, and related fears, complications,
risks, and more... : http://angeljustice .org/section. php?id=50

I will be staying in a hotel on October 27th, the night before the
surgery. Here's the info where I, my daughter, my friends, and my mom
will be staying at the Stanford Motor Inn 650-493-3153 -- 3306 El Camino
Real, Stanford/Palo Alto zip code 94306

Please come and visit her in the hospital. If you need a hotel or motel
near by, it's on here online. Come give her children support.

Hotels and Motels Near Stanford Hospital & Clinics
http://angeljustice .org/article. php?id=201

the things she needs for the surgery and the recovery.
http://angeljustice .org/section. php?id=52

Check out her brain tumor MRI before she had radiation treatment.
http://angeljustice .org/img/ original/ Slide2.jpg

Check out her brain tumor & cysts MRI after radiation had failed.

http://angeljustice .org/img/ original/ Angel_s%20Brain% 20Tumor%20MRI% 20-%2\
0July%2021,% 202009.jpg

All can be found on Angel's website at www.angeljustice. org

Thank you for caring about Angel!

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Have a beautiful day,
Angel McClary Raich
Email: angel@angeljustice. org
Cell: 510-915-6069
Yahoo IM: angelraich@yahoo. com
My Website: www.angeljustice. org
US Supreme Court Case
No. 03-1454: Raich v. Gonzales 2004

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