Monday, October 20, 2008

La Palma moves to ban illegal businesses

Monday, October 20, 2008

The City Council takes the ban against medical-marijuana dispensaries a step further.

The Orange County Register

La Palma City Council members don't just want to keep out medical-marijuana outlets. They want to forbid all businesses that might be illegal.

La Palma plans to go a step beyond most cities in outlawing medical-marijuana dispensaries.

While most Orange County cities have approved straight bans, the La Palma council tonight is set to consider an ordinance that would require all businesses to comply with city, state and federal laws.

Most California city officials have found conflicting laws when deciding what to do about medical-marijuana dispensaries: While federal law generally forbids marijuana possession, California law allows patients to use marijuana with doctors' permission.

In a July meeting, some La Palma council members said they were concerned that other businesses, too, could obtain licenses for illegal uses, like for fireworks and for weapons. While it is implied that such business activity would be criminal, the code wasn't explicit enough, they said.

"We thought by having an ordinance just outlawing illegal business, we're not picking on medical providers," Councilman Ralph Rodriguez said last week.

La Palma, the county's second-smallest city, has had no specific problems with illegal businesses within its less-than-two-square-mile radius.

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